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The artist, who was born in Chiayi, Taiwan, in 1990, graduated from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts at the Tainan National University of the Arts. With current expertise in installations of mixed media and previous specialty in presenting the growth and decline of time and trace by using the mass transformation of materials and space, the designer is skilled at reconstructing a sensual contour in the memory of human beings by using creative languages that have a picturesque feature.    
For a long time, my creations have been focused on recording a number of ongoing and disappearing memories and traces in our lives. For us, traces can represent the actual existence of a previous event, or memories in our mind which are sometimes clear and other times obscure.    
Over the years, my creations have primarily used low-cost everyday materials such as charcoal, cardboard, canvas, plastic bags, etc., and further exposed the naked spatial text of human desires in a new form by using these materials to conduct visual reconstruction of the abstract mass in a new spatial structure through a sprawling and covering drawing technique. Out of the various contours of my creations, the three elements: people, space, and materials are direction guides of people’s sensory memory, and images of spaces are presented in a way resembling the feature of time packets. A juxtaposition of conflicts between residue and disappearance as well as sense and sensibility in the interwoven time and space also constructs an imaginary experience in human beings’ everyday turbulent memory. 

許喬彥 1990 生於台灣嘉義,畢業於國立台南藝術大學造形藝術研究所,專⻑複 合媒材裝置。過去擅⾧以材料與空間的質量轉換顯現著時間與痕跡消長關係,透 過繪畫性的創作語⾔重新建構人們的記憶中的感性輪廓。

⼀直以來我的創作多記錄著我們⽣活中諸多正在⾏進、消逝中的「記憶與痕」。 痕跡對我們來說可以是上一個事件所留下的具體存在事實,然⽽痕跡也可能是存留在我們腦海中有時清晰、有時模糊的記憶。 在我歷年的創作中,我藉以⽣活中低廉的物料作為創作基礎如⽊炭、紙箱、帆布、 塑膠袋...等,我將這些素材藉以蔓延、覆蓋的繪畫性手法,在新的空間框架中進行抽象量體的視覺再造,在新的形體中揭露出人性慾望下⾚裸的空間文本。在我所創造的各式輪廓中,⼈與空間、空間與物質三者係成為感官記憶的⽅向導引, 場所的意象如同時間封包般的被顯現於此,在層疊的時空中交織出「存留/消逝」、 「理性/感性」的並置衝突,也框構出人們之於⽇常記憶擾動的想像經驗。 

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